Our Vision

is to be one of the leading schools in the community we serve, known and widely acknowledged as a secular institution which develops character and ethical leadership in its students in their pursuit of excellence.

Our Mission

is to nurture in children a strong sense of community, of justice and fair play, and allow them the opportunity to learn and express themselves in the ways they enjoy best, applying their learning to diverse and challenging situations to reach their optimum potential.

Our Values
  • Integrity
  • Perseverance
  • Empathy
  • Excellence
  • Courage

Cambridge School is a school that breeds good citizenship: built and run by thinkers who believe in secularism, and meant to nurture thinking students who reflect deeply on how they want to fashion a future world, and have the resolve to see their ideas through.

Cambridge School believes in character-building and good citizenship. The principle of ‘service before self’ is essential to building the qualities of empathy and community-consciousness. At Cambridge School, we believe excellence in learning and hard work must go hand-in-hand with humility and integrity… and that knowledge acquired from education is not merely for the cultivation of our sensibilities or a first step towards elevated employment, but must be used in the service of humanity.


School Crest

Our Motto – ‘We Learn to Serve’ reflects concern about others, the resolve to listen and to help

The Book signifies learning

The Torch signifies the flame of courage and leadership

The Star signifies the aspiration to excel

The Tree signifies rootedness in integrity and the development of empathy with the surroundings

1931 – To underline our unique heritage through our date of inception





Board of Governors

Society for Advancement of Education